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What is Messingham Grange? Part 1

Hello and welcome to the new Messingham Grange blog! For now, a twice monthly insight into all things Messingham Grange and an introduction to some of the team, the facilities and just a little bit of gossip! We will cover a variety of topics and regularly check-in with our golfers', holiday maker's, brides, grooms and show you how to make the most of your visit to Messingham Grange, Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire.

We are going to start by talking golf and lodges reflecting on some of our favourite aspects of the course, celebrating the victories of a few of our members' over the last couple of weeks' including the Club Championships!

John, front left, celebrated his 100th birthday recently!

Just before we talk golf, everyone at Messingham Grange was delighted to wish fellow member, John Callan, a happy 100th (yes ONE HUNDRETH) birthday on the 27th August. Already a lifetime member, this having been awarded to John for his unwavering commitment to golf over the course of nearly a century, a commemorative trophy will be presented to John when he returns to the course. Playing 3 or more times a week, with carer, Arjan, and his trusty buggy, John continues to amaze fellow players and newcomers alike with his desire to get out on course and his ability to make par on the last, a rarity for a mid-teen handicapper, never mind someone now looking forward to his hundred & first year!

Happy Birthday John!


Competition Results

Firstly, a couple of weeks' ago we held our Club Championship's, the highlight of the calendar year, with the prestigious title of Club Champion up for grabs' and the applause that comes with such an achievement. At 22 years old, Scott Fish became the youngest Club Champion in Messingham Grange recent times, with his performance securing victory in a play-off after Scott tied with runner-up George Robinson! More on George and his 2021 in blog 3, in a month or so. Congratulations Scott!

In the ladies' field, Michaela Daniels won on her debut in the competition with a strong showing across both days in less than ideal conditions! Her victory was all the more remarkable given Michaela has not yet been playing golf a year! Congratulations!

Messingham Grange 2021 Club Champions
The Ladies' & Gents' Club Champions for 2021 - Michaela Daniels and Scott Fish

A week later, over 50 golfers' were back in action for the 3rd Messingham Grange Ryder Cup, a now annual event in the calendar. Over 4 days, and led by Captain, Steve Winter, Team Grip It & Rip It, wearing the blue of Europe - hopefully a fortuitous sign - edged to 15.5 - 14.5 victory with Steve's victory of opposing Captain, Andy Arnold, pivotal in the narrow contest.

Playing less than a year since being hospitalised with Covid-19, Steve's recovery and return to the course in May, was a welcome relief to many at Messingham Grange, and we hope he continues to enjoy his golf for many years' to come!

The weekend's Most Valuable Player, and recipient of the Moliwood Award, was Dominic Drury, who's 2.5 points proved key! Well played Dom!


The Fairways at Messingham Grange

No, not the golf course one's. Our luxury lodge development!

Messingham Grange is already home to 20 lodges, and you could be one of our next and newest owners! Our latest addition, a Kingston Ennerdale, is coming onto Messingham Grange in October and could be yours for just £149,995.

The Fairways at Messingham Grange Lodge Development, Scunthorpe

Holidays are in our DNA, and we just love making sure our holiday makers have the very best experience whether they are here every other weekend, or just enjoying a family break away!

With access to all our amenities, and gorgeous lodges, there's no need to look anywhere else for your next UK staycation.


And the one's on the golf course!

Messingham Grange Driving Range, Scunthorpe
Messingham Grange Driving Range

Golf has seen a huge participation surge as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and you could still join in! Off course for those new or returning golfers', our driving range is the perfect spot to grab some lessons or hone your game. With 20 flood light bays, the range stretching well over 200 yards, and a smattering or targets at distances from 25 to 240 yards, our driving range is a key tool in a players' ability to improve and can be of great help to those taking up golf.

At some point though, you will want to head out on course, and our Par 71 course is an excellent challenge for all levels of golfer. Our Signature Hole, the Par 3 Fourth, is only 136 yards, but with a good tee shot required to carry the hazard, and protection to the rear of the green also, making your shot stick and the chance of a birdie putt is rare, and no mean feat.

Towards the end of your round, the final 3 holes, couldn't be more different. A tight, yet short, Par 4, a long, narrow dogleg 4, and then a long Par 3 Eighteenth are more than capable of ruining the round of even the best golfer, and should not be underestimated.

A shade under 300 yards, 16, is as easy to birdie as it is bogey. Under 30 yards wide treeline to treeline, and with bunkers running down the left for nearly 80 yards, picking a landing spot is crucial to make the green in regulation. A final greenside bunker lurks to the back of the green which if navigated correctly, leaves plenty of opportunity.

Opportunity is not often associated with 17, although not impossible! Stroke Index 1, and rightly so, a long iron to the corner, can leave between 150 and 220 yards to the green depending upon your shot shape, and at a touch over 25 yards wide albeit long, the landing zone, if found gives the best chance of a green in reg, and then a long putt for birdie. They do happen, but par is nothing to shake your head at!

18. 17 down, 1 to go. Can I just replay the first?

The 192 yard Par 3, boasts 5 bunkers and a pond! Oh, and the clubhouse sits not 30 yards behind the pin, so driver is out of the question! Anything right and short, or central is safe, the pond on the left sits at the bottom of a slight bowl so neatly scoops anything drawing out of bounds, but hitting the green gives an excellent chance for a 2.

Messingham Grange Aerial View
The Messingham Grange Estate from the Air

So there we have it! A brief insight into the lodges and golf at Messingham Grange. We hope, if you have read this far, you will be back for Part 2, which will be published in a couple of weeks and will dive deeper into the clubhouse and weddings at Messingham Grange!

If you have enjoyed reading this and want to know more about lodges and ownership at Messingham Grange, you can click here.

For more information on golf and the driving range click here.


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