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Vice Captain's Day Results - 17th July 2022

Thank you so much for all your support on Sunday. It truly was appreciated. Everyone involved has been so generous with both cash donations and their time. I really could not have achieved it without your amazing support. I feel that I should give special mentions to some but am afraid of missing someone. However, Jeanette really needs a special mention along with Bev. Neither of these ladies are involved with the club but came along and did an amazing job. And the results are as below. Apologies for keeping it short but who needs to know about 2nd. Only the winners get a prize so …….. Team prize went to Steve Winter, Daniel Addison, Doris Jones, Roy McSherry with a total of 119 points Best individual Male Steve Winter with a score of 43 points Best individual Female Michaela Daniels with a total of 39 points Putting Comp was won by Jamie Tripp Tail end Charlie prize went to team Tripp - congratulations at least you won something. NTP 4th. David Thompson 7th Martyn Woolass 14th Ian Thompson 18th Steve Winter 2s C Watson 4th S. Cork 4th D Thompson 4th N Good 4th N Welton 4th S Winter 4th G Robinson 18th Well done to you all. I don’t have final total raised yet but I know it is over £1100 which will go to Cancer Research UK. Once I have final total I will bore you all with yet another email. Thank you all for taking part, buying raffles and sponsoring tees. (Ron it was on 8th! I hope you all had a great day and enjoyed the golf.



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