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Past Captain's Day Trophy 2022

We have changed the format of the Past Captain's Trophy 2022, and are hopeful this new format will improve the competition and lead to increased participation.

Booking is now open on BRS for the day (14th August), with tee times from 07:30.

The format for the day is team cumulative stableford (averaged if necessary). Essentially, all of the scores added up, and divided by the number of players (if teams aren't equal). Handicaps are 90%, and the tees will be yellow & red.

What do I need to do?

Sign up on BRS and the teams will be drafted by the Past Captain's on the Thursday before the competition. Depending on numbers team sizes will be between 5 & 7 and you will be told who you are playing for. We will make limited changes to the draw on BRS so your tee time won't change too much. Other than that, turn up, play golf and enjoy this new format. Entry is the standard £5.00 with individual 2s & NTPs.


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