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Club Championships 2022

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Gentleman’s Club Championship

We host our Club Championship over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd July with Scott Fish defending the title he won in a playoff in August last year.

The competition is structured across 3 divisions to give as many people as possible a chance to compete on Championship Sunday. Division 1 is for golfers’ off scratch to a playing handicap of 10, Division 2 for those off playing handicaps of 11 to 18 and then Division 3 for those off 19 or higher. Your division for round 1 is your division for the weekend, although from Saturday will be posted to the WHS!

The Club Champion is determined by the lowest gross score across the two rounds.

Entry for the Gents’ Club Championship is via the BRS app. Saturday’s first round is open until 2pm on the tee, and all entrants should ensure they have a playing partner to attest their score. Practice on the course before your tee time is not permitted. Minor adjustments may be required to ensure a smooth tee sheet on Saturday morning.

If you want to play on Day 2, please simply put your name down as an entrant on BRS. Day 2 is a DRAWN competition. Entrants tee off in reverse position order. The first tee time on Sunday will follow the Sunday Strokeplay (see below). This will likely be around 8am.

Additional prizes are determined for the best nett scores, division winners and the over 55 leading golfer.


Ladies’ Club Championship

The Ladies Club Championship, defended by Michaela Daniels, will be held over one round this year, Sunday 3rd July, with the tee times to be determined by the number of Gents’ entrants. The Ladies competition is a nett competition off 95% handicaps. The draw for the Ladies Club Championship has been conducted and is as follows:

09:30 - M. Daniels & D. Jones with T. Baisley to keep the 3 ball.

09:38 - D. Ramm, E. Cunnah & E. Cuthbert


Additional Points to Note

1) Entry closes at 17:00 on Thursday to allow the competition team time to make any appropriate changes to the draw for Saturday as well as publish full details for timings on Sunday.

2) There will be a sheet on the unit under the PSI on Saturday for those who had originally planned to play on Sunday but no longer intend to do so. If you wish to withdraw from the competition following Saturday's round, please write your name on this sheet. Everyone else will be included in the reverse order draw, and you will be expected to show up, as the draw will hopefully be 3 balls only.

3) Please ensure payment is made by 07:00 on Saturday morning. Like most people, Mark is participating in the Club Championship, and he does not want to be chasing payments.


Lincolnshire Competitions

The Gents’ Club Champion, and nett score winner will have the opportunity to represent the Club in the Hotchkin, Taylor & Butler cups at Thonock Golf Club on Sunday 11th September. We will contact the relevant individuals in the week following the competition. The handicap limit for both is 18.4


Sunday Only

For those unable to play on the Saturday, a strokeplay event will be held between 07:30 & 08:00, approximately, for anyone who wishes to participate.

Entry Fees: Both Days - £7; Sunday Only - £5

Tees: Men - Whites; Ladies – Red

Tee Times: Saturday – Course Opening to 14:00hrs

Sunday – 07:30 – Sunday Strokeplay

~ 08:00 – Gents’

– Ladies "see above".


FedEx Points Paid Out

A schedule of the FedEx points paid out for the Gents' & Ladies competition is attached. FedEx points will be awarded at the conclusion of the competition, and tables updated accordingly.


Voucher List Winnings - Gents

The voucher list winnings accredited to the Gents' competitions are as follows:

a) The gross division results for both Day 1 and 2 will see the Top 3 awarded credit to the sums of £15, £10 & £5.

b) The overall gross winner for each division will receive £20 of credit towards their voucher list.

c) The overall nett winner for each division will receive £10 of credit towards their voucher list.

d) The Club Champion (gross) will receive £50 credit towards their voucher list.

e) The Club Champion (nett) will receive £25 credit towards their voucher list.

Voucher List Winnings - Ladies

f) The Ladies Club Champion will receive £20 credit towards the voucher list, with the runner up earning £10.

Voucher List Winnings - All

g) Nearest the Pins will be awarded on the 4th, 7th, 14th & 18th on both days to the sum of £5 credit to the voucher list.

h) There will be a cumulative 2's pot for the weekend (seperate for the Sunday Strokeplay) to be shared between all those securing 2's.

In the Event of a Tie - Gents

In the event of a tie, for any division, a playoff will take place on the following holes.

1st Playoff Hole - 18

2nd Playoff Hole - 1

3rd Playoff Hole - 18

This will continue until a winner is determined.



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