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Club Championship 2022 Results

Before I dive into the results for the weekend, I just want to assure all members' that Adam Webb who was struck with a ball on Saturday is okay. He would like to remind all members' that he is in fact hard as nails - not the word he used, and despite the blood, it was "just a flesh wound". Alex, his "friend" who hit the shot, has spent the weekend making up for his poor attempt at a 3-wood and Adam, who was 3 under his handicap at the time, has asked if he could be awarded Club Championships for "taking one for the team" however I remain reluctant to ask George... If anyone finds a ball with an AC on it on the left hand side of 11, he does ask that it is returned so he can throw it back at Alex!

Whilst this introduction is great news, we, Adam and Alex know that Adam was very lucky, and it can be a lesson to everyone that, remaining aware of errant shots, and remaining behind play within your group is really important, and we are glad that in this case, the impact was very much less than it could have been.

Full results for this weekend's Club Championships are attached. As Chris mentioned yesterday, there were a lot of concurrent competitions running and a lot of data to process. The full Golf Genius results are attached, however if you want a snapshot of the weekend, check out the winners log.


Division 1 & Club Champion 2022: George Robinson

Division 2: Mick Dunk

Division 3: Les Binns

Ladies: Elaine Cunnah

All results above are gross - except the Ladies which was a nett competition.


George and Mick will both be given the opportunity to represent the club at Thonock in a Lincolnshire Union event in September subject to their availability.

Ken Smith continues to lead the Fedex Cup on 590 points from Andy Arnold & Mark Grey on 480 & 400 points respectively. Elaine Cunnah has established a 90 point lead at the top of the Ladies standings following her victory yesterday with a total of 330 points.

Day 1 Results
Download PDF • 125KB
Day 2 Results
Download PDF • 105KB
Overall Club Championship Results
Download PDF • 124KB


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