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9 Hole League

9 Hole League will restart on Friday 8th July. In order to drive competition numbers, we are going to run the events on Fridays and Saturdays on the following dates. These events will be open to all club members, all day!

Competition Dates

Friday 8th July – Front 9

Saturday 16th July – Front 9

Friday 22nd July – Back 9

Saturday 30th July – Back 9

Saturday 6th August – Front 9

Friday 12th August – Front 9

Friday 19th August – Back 9

Saturday 20th August – Back 9

Saturday 3rd September – Front 9

Friday 9th September – Front 9

Saturday 17th September – Back 9

Friday 23rd September – Back 9

Entry for each event is £2. There is a cumulative 2’s pot for all events with the 2’s pot been split by the number of instances.

The league is run on a best 4 from basis with your best 4 stableford scores across the 12 events counting towards the overall league.


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