One Site. One Pitch. All  Year Round


from £2,340.00 per year

Our quaint site has pitches that all benefit from electric hook up and pitchside parking with site facilities including a small amenity block onsite, with access to clean drinking water, showers’, toilets’ and waste disposal points available 24/7.

As a family friendly site, we are in the perfect location to balance regular beach visits with trips to the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB, urban exploration in the historic city or Lincoln or visitng the many attractions that surround our well-connected location. Check out our Get Active or Out & About pages for even more ideas. 


Make the most of your caravan with a Seasonal Touring Pitch in beautiful North Lincolnshire!


If you're new to the world of caravanning you've probably heard other caravan owners talking about seasonal touring pitches. Some people love them, and others aren't so keen. But what is a seasonal touring caravan pitch? And is it something that you should consider? We'll do our best to answer those questions for you here!

Seasonal touring pitches offer a convenient and cost effective way for you to enjoy your caravan without the fuss (or stress) of having to hitch-up and tow, unpack and pack up again, or struggle to make a last minute booking.

Seasonal tourers pay a fixed rate to reserve a specific caravan pitch on a park for the entire season. You can 'set up' your caravan (and awning), leave it on 'your' pitch, and come and go as much as you like for the duration of the season.



 Continuous towing, packing up, and wrestling with your awning will all be things of the past!


Once you've arrived on your seasonal pitch that's all of the hard work done for the whole season!


Seasonal tourers pay a fixed rate - visit your caravan as often as you like, whenever you like - the rate won't change! Depending on how often you use your caravan, you could save up to 50% on nightly fees throughout the season.


Forget the hassle of making last minute bookings or paying inflated rates during the school holidays. When you become a seasonal tourer you can visit your caravan whenever you like. If we have an unexpected sunny spell just jump in your car.

Community Spirit

Our holiday parks tend to attract like-minded people and many of our seasonal tourers return year after year, so there's always a familiar face to ask for a helping-hand or advise on the best places to visit.

Frequently asked questions about Seasonal Touring Pitches at Messingham Grange

Now that we've explained what a seasonal touring pitch is, here are some of the questions that we get asked most often:

Once I've paid my fees are there any other costs?

Having paid your pitch fees you will also be responsible for gas and electric. Electric is billed on a meter and gas bottles are available for sale on all of our parks.

Will anyone else use my pitch when I'm not there?

No. Your pitch is reserved for you for the entire season. No-one else will use your pitch.

What happens to my caravan when the park is closed?

Our holiday parks are open 12 months of the year, so we are never closed. Depending on how often you may visit in the winter, it could always be a good idea to take your awning down. 

Can I come on part-way through a season?

Yes. We will work out your site fees pro-rata.

Can I stay for more than one season?

Yes. Our seasonal tourers have first refusal on their seasonal pitch